2014 summer sermon seriesOften, a person might finish the above sentence-starter with the words “. . . Who Needs Enemies?” But in this circumstance, I would suggest the words “…You’ll Make It!” or “You’ll Succeed!” instead. That’s because “this circumstance” I’m talking about is our summer sermon series.

For eleven weeks this summer, Rev. Jim Shirbroun, Rev. Melissa Warren and I are going to look at some biblical role models: people with characteristics and qualities that — if we find them in a friend — will give us a boost, show us the way, and guide us on our journey. Most of the time, we hope to focus on lesser-known biblical characters — and a couple of times, the subject of our sermons isn’t really a person.

Jim Shirbroun is fond of saying, “It’s all about the relationships,” and he’s right. This series is for the first part of the season of Pentecost, and Pentecost is all about relationships — people receiving the Holy Spirit and then finding one another to create the Church. It is in one another that we see the reflection of Christ and come better to know and be in relationship with God.

I enjoy caper movies — where a bunch of people with varied skills get together and each contributes to bring off an elaborate and outlandish scheme. (Some that come immediately to mind are The Sting, The Dirty Dozen, and Oceans 11 [and 12 and 13].) In a way, that’s the idea that Paul espoused in 1 Corinthians 12 when he talks about the Church being like a body made up of many differently-functioning parts. As Melissa, for example, shares the story of Deborah from the book of Judges, we hope you’ll ask the question:  “Who’s my Deborah? Who covers my back in my times of need?” Or even better: “Might I be a Deborah for someone else?”

We hope you’ll learn about as many of these biblical role models as possible this summer through our Sunday morning worship services. Remember, beginning on June 1 and continuing through August 17, there’s only one worship service, beginning at 9:30 a.m. (This series begins on Pentecost Sunday, June 8, and continues through August 17.) The schedule:

  • June 8 – The Paraclete (Holy Spirit); Scott Grotewold, preaching
  • June 15 – Jerusalem; Jim Shirbroun, preaching
  • June 22 – Deborah; Melissa Warren, preaching
  • June 29 – Nathan; Jim Shirbroun, preaching
  • July 6 – Jonathan; Scott Grotewold, preaching
  • July 13 – Zacchaeus; Melissa Warren, preaching
  • July 20 – Jethro; Scott Grotewold, preaching
  • July 27 – Barnabas; Scott Grotewold, preaching
  • August 3 – Timothy; Jim Shirbroun, preaching
  • August 10 – Rhoda; Melissa Warren, preaching
  • August 17 – Peter (or Paul); Scott Grotewold, preaching

Click here to hear any of the sermons you missed.

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