Main church building: 2622 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA 50014
Collegiate/Wesley Annex: 130 S. Sheldon Ave., Ames, IA 50014

Directions: Collegiate United Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation is located in Campustown, across from Friley Hall. Parking is located off of Hayward Avenue. (Turn onto Hayward from Lincoln Way.) Additional parking is located west of the church (near Dunkin’ Donuts and the Collegiate/Wesley Annex), accessible from the main parking lot, Lincoln Way, or Sheldon Avenue.

Handicapped Parking & Accessibility: Three entrances to the main building have doors with powered openers: the Main Entrance (on the west side of the building), the South Entrance, and the East Entrance (close to the bank drive thru). There are marked Handicapped Parking spaces near the Main and South entrances. On Sunday mornings only, you also may park in the US Bank drive-thru lot. In general, if you are unfamiliar with the building, you’ll find the West Entrance to be your best choice at first.
The Annex is only partly accessible, via the west (Sheldon Ave.) door.
Finding a Room once you are here: This map will help you find rooms on our first floor. During the daytime, someone in the main office can help you find your way to other parts of the building. From late August thru May, an evening receptionist (seated near the student lounge) is also available to help you find your way around our occasionally confusing building!

lower level floor plan
second level floor plan