Can you help us welcome Pastor Kay?

Some of the members of the Reaching & Receiving cluster are compiling a photo book to help Kay get to know the congregation more quickly. As we started work on it, we realized that some congregants may want to view/order a copy of it as well (since our last directory is a few years old). We’re hoping EVERYONE (member or nonmember) will have their picture added to the book!

To join the fun, find one of the photographers available to take your family or individual photo before or after service near the Gathering Space on Sunday, July 24 & 31 and August 7 & 14. If you would like to take the photo yourself, that is fine too! Please be sure to take your photo against a neutral/light background.

On the paper provided at CUMC/WF, include your names (first and last), # of years (or dates) attending C/W, hobbies/interests, and a “random” fact about yourself or your family. Make sure to use dark colored markers and print LEGIBLY and LARGE enough to read when you and your family hold it in your portrait. Your sheet of paper can go vertically or horizontally. Have fun and get creative!

Submissions can be sent to by August 28. Thank you!

NOTE: If you do NOT want to have your submission shared in the congregation’s book, you can opt out. Then, it will only be included in the book for Kay. (To opt out, turn in this sheet with your name on it, or when you digitally submit be sure to indicate in your email that you are “opting out”.)