Grow in Faith thru Adult Sunday School

Class discussion

Getting involved in any type of class offered for adults at Collegiate/Wesley will provide you with fellowship, faith development, and spiritual growth. We hope that you can find a place to be challenged and nourished, engaged and reflective, encouraged and connected!

The Sunday School hour is from 9:45-10:45 AM – right between morning services, so you can attend worship and a class consecutively. During this time, there are many choices of classes. Each class has a unique feel, but you are welcome to attend any of the classes at any time. Here are the classes offered this year.

Builders – Join this free-minded group as they discuss many topics and have great fellowship.

Forum – This is a large group lecture-style class that features different speakers each week who share their expertise. Topics range from spiritual growth to social justice issues, ISU research to politics.

M & M – This class uses the Faithlink curriculum to guide their thought-provoking discussions on responses to current news stories from a faith perspective.

Spiritual Formation – A safe place to question and grow in God, this class is filled with much discussion and fellowship.

Sunday Shorts – This is a class designed for newcomers and anyone who just likes variety. There are short-term classes offered occasionally during the year, typically lasting from three to eight weeks. You can come to one or some. Each “short” is unique and does not build on any other “short.”

Connect and Learn in Small Groups

There are several classes/groups that meet throughout the week.

Roundtable meets once a month (typically on the third Thursday) from noon to 1:15 PM. Participants pick a book each May, then read and discuss it beginning in September.

United Methodist WomenClick here for more information.

Interested in starting a class or group? Have questions about any of these options? Contact Lauren Loonsfoot, Director of Children, Youth and Family Ministries, at 292-6936 or lauren [at] cwames [dot] org or Tim Gossett, Director of Discipleship, 292-6936 or tim [at] cwames [dot] org.