week#2Featuring “The Villains of Lent: A Sermon Series”

Worship with us at 8:30 & 11:00 AM Sundays – Sanctuary

The forces working against Jesus to quiet him and bring about his end were so extensive we’ve had to extend this year’s Lenten sermon series to begin before the actual season of Lent begins. (You can catch any you miss on our website though! See the links below.) Don’t miss out on hearing the motives, the fears and the manipulations of those who colluded and conspired to take Jesus to the cross.

January 24 – The Pharisees and the Sadducees (the religious politicians of Israel). Rev. Scott Grotewold, preaching. (Audio podcast)

January 31 Herod Antipas (the dangerous tetrarch – ruler of Galilee and Perea). Rev. Scott Grotewold, preaching. (Audio podcast)

February 7 – Rev. Lee Schott, Women at the Well prison ministry, guest preacher. (Audio podcast)

February 14 – The Wilderness (the effect of 40 days of fasting and the temptations of the adversary). Rev. Jim Shirbroun, preaching.

February 21 – The Collegiate/Wesley Chancel Choir will present the premiere of Jeff Prater’s new work entitled Requiem Aeternam at both morning services. This composition intermixes musical settings of three sections from the original Latin Requiem text with sung verses from three hymns in English. Jeff has dedicated this musical work to all of those now absent friends, their children and/or grandchildren, relatives, colleagues and mentors, and fellow members of C/W who have passed away during the past eleven years, beginning with Jeff’s wife Jane (Jan. 2005), and most recently with his mother Elsie (Jan. 2016).

The Requiem is written for chorus and soloists, and is scored for an orchestra of strings, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, two horns, trumpet, trombone, and various percussion instruments. The chamber orchestra will consist of members of the Des Moines Symphony, ISU faculty and students, and townspeople. All soloists are members of the Chancel Choir. The conductor will be Dr. Michael Golemo, chair of the Music Department at ISU.

February 28 – Judas Iscariot (the one of the the chosen twelve who betrayed Jesus. Rev. Jim Shirbroun, preaching.

March 6 – Caiaphas (the high priest of the temple) and Annas (his father-in-law, who served before him). Rev. Scott Grotewold, preaching.

March 13 – Pontius Pilate (governor of Judea for the Roman Empire). Rev. Scott Grotewold, preaching.

March 20 (Palm Sunday) – The Mob (the ones who cried ‘Crucify him’ or who remained silent). Rev. Jim Shirbroun, preaching.