If you’re an ISU student, faculty or staff, the ISU Wesley Center is

for you! 

We are the progressive, inclusive Christian community at Iowa State University. What does that mean?

It means:

  • YOU are welcome just as you are (we are LGBTQIA affirming)
  • We welcome your questions and struggles with those questions about life, faith and purpose
  • We don’t require that you ascribe to a certain set of doctrines or beliefs to engage in our community (we do require respect and grace)
  • We care deeply about social justice and believe that our faith moves us to action
  • That for us the teachings, life and death of Jesus are meaningful and draw us into a fuller understanding of ourselves, the world around us and our purpose in life. We believe that the greatest expression of God’s love and Jesus’ teachings is radical, inclusive love.
  • Our community is not complete without you.

Check out our tentative schedule for 2018!


Our Student Lounge is open to you whenever you need a place to chill, watch TV, study, grab some coffee and a snack.


The Wesley Center at Iowa State University is an inclusive Christian community that creates space for the ISU community to explore and live out their faith. Connect with us and our latest events on Facebook.