“A Living Mosaic”

Download the 2013 Journeys catalog here in PDF format.

Cover imageThere were 9,204 images of Collegiate/Wesley events from 2012 on our church server on Dec. 15, 2012. I’m sure there are hundreds more on personal cell phones, digital scrapbooks, Facebook pages, and who knows where else. Each photo represents a moment in the life of the church (the building) and, more importantly, the Church (the gathered people of God.) Together—like the images on the cover of our Journeys booklet—they form a living mosaic of meaning, mission and ministry in the world. Whether you find yourself in one of the 750 cover images or not, you have most certainly been a part of that mosaic!

Each year, you have an opportunity to reflect anew on the way you have been in ministry to and with others through the Journeys process, and to think about what God is calling you to do in the days and months ahead. Although at first glance Journeys may seem to be about “ways you could spend your time in 2013,” it’s actually about something more significant: people.

  • Each ministry is an opportunity to connect with others in the congregation and beyond, a chance to form new friendships and strengthen existing ones.
  • Each listing represents the passions and gifts of people you know and people you’ll perhaps never meet.
  • Each description represents a way you are called by God to share your faith with others…whether through words, deeds, music, art, or actions…and to engage in meaningful ministry in the world.

Through the Journeys process, Collegiate/Wesley says to you, “Join our living mosaic!” You are invited to re-discover all that takes place in and through this congregation, to get connected to ministry teams, and to use your unique combination of spiritual gifts and personal skills/experience/knowledge to serve God and neighbor. Please take some time to prayerfully consider the ways you would like to “find yourself” in the Collegiate/Wesley mosaic in 2013 and beyond.

Tim Gossett, Director of Discipleship