Endowment Board Annual Grant Application

Deadline for Application: April 30, 2018

The Endowment Board provides annual grant(s) totaling four percent (4%) of the five-year average of the December 31 endowment fund balance. Grants may be awarded for capital expenditures, new or existing programs and ministries, or mission support.

The information requested below is necessary for your project to be considered for a grant. You can copy and paste the details below into an email or download a Word document here. Once completed, please return this information and supporting documentation to the Collegiate United Methodist Church office or by email to dandygreenelk@gmail.com.

Project Name:

Amount Requested:

Applicant information:

  1. Name and contact information of person or group requesting the grant.
  2. Sponsoring Cluster, Committee or Board.

Project Information:

  1. Identify the capital project, program or ministry, and note whether or not it is connected to an existing program.
  2. How will the grant funds be utilized?
  3. How will the effectiveness of this project be measured?
  4. Attach a preliminary project budget. As part of the budget, identify whether the annual grant will be the sole source of funding or partial support.
  5. When will the project begin, and how long do you expect it to continue? Please note that funds must be returned to the Endowment Board if the project does not begin in the calendar year the grant funds are received.
  6. Will this be an ongoing project? If so provide information as to how the project will be funded in future years.

How do you plan to celebrate/share the completion of your project?

Once the project is complete, please provide the following information.

  1. Identify and explain the results of the project.
  2. What was learned/how did the project impact you or the church?
  3. Identify any challenges that were faced, and the outcome of those challenges.
  4. Comparison of approved grant amount to actual expenditures. If your grant funds went to an entity outside of CUMC/WF and have not been fully used please return any unspent funds by December 31 of the grant year.