bobminorSaturday, November 8
8:30 AM—3:00 PM
Wesley Hall @ Collegiate/Wesley 

Featuring Dr. Bob Minor, Prof. Emeritus of Religious Studies, Kansas University in Lawrence, KS

Topics and schedule:

8:30—9:00 AM Coffee and order lunch

9:00—10:30 AM “Defining marriage: biblical, tradition, and inclusive”

10:45 AM—12:15 PM “How can we be agents of change where we are?”

12:15—1:00 PM Lunch—ordered in the morning or bring your own

1:00—2:30 PM “From tolerance to acceptance to affirmation and why does this matter?”

2:30—3:00 PM Wrap-up

The Public is invited, and the event is free.

About Robert Minor

Acclaimed and popular workshop leader Dr. Robert N. Minor will lead this workshop on what the Bible has to say about marriage. He will break the day down into 90-minute sessions, so if you can’t spend the entire day, come for whatever portion you can.

Dr. Minor’s first popular book is called Scared Straight: Why It’s So Hard to Accept Gay People and Why It’s So Hard to Be Human. With his popular works he began the Fairness Project to promote fair and positive understandings of all human beings regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, age, abilities, or sexual orientation. He leads many workshops for religious, civic, business, and other communities across the nation.

Dr. Minor holds a Ph.D. in religion from the University of Iowa, and an M.A. in Biblical studies from Trinity International University.

Sponsored by the Rainbow Vision Team at Collegiate/Wesley