Easter Sermons I'll Never PreachA Sermon Series by Rev. Scott Grotewold

On Easter Sunday, more people attend worship at Collegiate/Wesley than any other day (with the possible exception of Christmas Eve). It’s my sense that most people want – expect, even – to hear preached the Gospel account of the disciples’ experience of the empty tomb and the Risen Christ. Though I’ve tried to vary the mode of presentation (papier-mâché boulders, plastic forks, an aged man in overalls, a funeral procession), the underlying theme is the same, contained in this one line: “The promise of Resurrection is that the worst thing is not the last thing.”

But there are a number of other facets to the Easter message which I’ve left unexplored. Old Testament authors sought to put forward and comprehend the need for resurrection for centuries before the Christ brought it to reality. During these last three Sundays of Eastertide 2014, I will be examining some of these earlier ideas. I might never preach these sermons on Easter Sunday, but I hope they will help us get deeper into understanding the meaning of resurrection, a most-important part of our Christian faith.

May 18: Adam and Eve and Easter

May 25: Job Seeks Easter

June 1: Easter for the Disillusioned (Ecclesiastes)