A new position, Digital Arts Technical Assistant, is currently open at Collegiate United Methodist Church/Wesley Foundation Student Center.


The Digital Arts Technical Assistant is the primary creator of digital content for the Sunday worship services at Collegiate/Wesley.

This is a part-time position, approximately 7-8 hours per week on average, beginning no later than Feb. 28. Ideally, it’s a year-round position, though this is flexible if summer or fall is not an option.

The Digital Arts Technical Assistant is supervised by the Director of Discipleship and works closely with all of the staff, especially the clergy and Administrative Assistant.

Salary: $11-15/hour

General Responsibilities

  1. Produce all slides for both the 8:30 and 11:00 AM Sunday worship services.
    • Create theme images that can be used on the website, bulletin, worship slides, etc.
    • Use Proclaim (worship software) to create liturgy, songs, announcements, and other slides.
    • Assist the pastors with slides, as requested.
    • Proofread and enhance slides created by other staff or volunteers.
    • Organize the slides into the presentation.
  2. Ensure videos are purchased, converted, transferred, or created, as needed.
  3. Run the presentations on Sunday mornings.
    • Start up the screen and computer systems early on Sunday mornings.
    • When volunteers are available, be sure they are fully trained and supervised.
    • When no volunteer is available, run the slides for one or both services.
  4. As skills and time allow, assist with other tasks related to the Digital Arts Team, such as updating manuals and style guides, troubleshooting equipment, renewing graphic/video memberships, adding content to the website, assisting with social media promotion, and assisting with the development of the technology and team in general.
  5. On occasion, assist with any technical needs for special services or events, such as an evening concert or a funeral.

Skills Needed

  1. Basic, demonstrated graphic design knowledge is essential. Strong design skills are a plus.
  2. Familiarity with presentation software, such as PowerPoint or worship presentation software.
  3. Basic familiarity with Google Drive, Google Docs, and the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint.)
  4. Ability to work as part of a team, with supervisory and training responsibilities.
  5. Video editing and creation, such as: converting DVDs to movie formats, basic video creation, using explainer video tools, shooting digital video, etc.
  6. Basic photo manipulation skills (cropping, isolation, improving contrast, etc.)
  7. Basic digital photography skills.
  8. Strong proofreading abilities.
  9. A basic understanding of music (for phrasing of lines and timing of slides) is necessary.
  10. Familiarity with churches, Christian concepts and theology, the church year, liturgy, etc. is strongly preferred.


  • On weeks when volunteers are not available or are being trained, Sundays from about 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM
  • Slide creation will largely need to take place during the middle or latter part of the week, Wednesday thru Saturday, at times that work for you. The work can be done on your own computer or on the church’s worship computer.


Please send a resume, references, and samples of your work to jobs@cwames.org.

Questions may be directed to Tim Gossett, tim@cwames.org or 292-6936 x135.

Deadline: February 19.