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We welcome proposals for grant funding to support United Methodist associated groups and individuals in mission work. These funds are made available by the generosity of Dennis Byrne and his commitment to support mission projects that have at their core efforts acts of justice, compassion and mercy.

To learn more about Dennis Byrne and the endowment that bears his name, please click here.

The grant proposal process is coordinated by the Byrne Endowment Fund Team. The team meets regularly throughout the year to administer the proposal process.


Applications for funding will be accepted on a rolling basis and first reviewed by the Dennis Byrne Endowment Fund Team. Our 2018 application deadlines are March 1 and September 1. (We encourage you to be sure to get your application in at least a day or two earlier, if possible.)

Throughout the Bible, the community of faith is called to acts of justice, compassion, and mercy. Contemporary congregations engage in missions and service in a wide variety of ways, but each one is a way of answering Jesus’ call to serve the marginalized, underserved and disadvantaged. The Dennis Byrne funds for mission are intended to support projects that have at their core efforts acts of justice, compassion and mercy. Also, it should be noted that while we recognize that “missions” is often equated with “evangelism” in some faith traditions, this is not the intent of the Dennis Byrne Endowment Fund.

Eligible missions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Aid projects (where a group is going to do hands-on work)
  • Developmental projects (where money is being sent for others to do work)
  • Missionary work (where money is sent to support the ongoing work of another)

The following are not eligible for funding:

  • Reverse mission trips
  • Registration, travel, housing, and other required mission trip costs
  • After-the-fact funding (requests for projects which will take place prior to approval by the Byrne Endowment team)

Previous applicants who were eligible for funding and who were either funded or not fully funded may both reapply or apply for another project.

Criteria for evaluating applications may include, but are not limited to:

  • Quality of project objectives
  • Connection to an existing United Methodist mission
  • Active participation of Collegiate/Wesley
  • Opportunities for congregant involvement
  • Previous support by Collegiate/Wesley
  • Length of funding commitment
  • Availability of matching grant to leverage money
  • Size of applicant’s budget as compared to size of grant
  • What year the grant is going to be used

History of Projects Funded

Apply for Funding

To apply for funds from the Byrne Endowment Fund, please download and return the application form.

Email completed applications to

Or mail to:

Dennis Byrne Endowment Fund,
2622 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50014

If you are unable to complete the form in this way, contact Collegiate/Wesley for other options).

For more information. please contact Tim Gossett, Byrne Team Chair (pro tem), or contact the church office, 515-292-6936.