Book cover - Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of AdventSilence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent – by Enuma Okoro

This study will be offered during two times, so choose the one that’s best for you.
  • Sunday Shorts Class, December 1, 8, 15, & 22. 9:45 AM in the Library
  • Monday BYO lunch study, Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23. Noon-1:00 PM in Room 123

Facilitator: Tim Gossett

A few years years ago when I worked as an occasional contract editor for the United Methodist Publishing House, I had the fortunate opportunity to meet a young author named Enuma Okoro and to edit several of her curriculum lessons. Her talent was obvious, but little did I know she would soon become a very popular and sought-after author, even appearing on shows like Good Morning America.

Okoro’s terrific and very thought-provoking 2012 book, Silence and Other Surprising Invitations of Advent, will serve as the basis for this 4-week class. It features brief daily devotions that will likely take you no more than about 5 minutes to read. (UMW members: It’s on the reading list for this year.) Here’s how the book is described online:

Usually when we think of the Advent story, Mary, Joseph, and the angel Gabriel come to mind. Okoro approaches Advent a little differently, inviting us to sit for a while with Zechariah and Elizabeth and the story of how they came to bear their only son, John. The Advent story we so often associate with the joy of Christmas actually begins with deep sorrow and longing. But thankfully, in the kingdom of God, there is always more to the story than meets the eye, Enuma Okoro writes. Zechariah and Elizabeth were good people. They had maintained faith and hope in God for many years, despite Elizabeth’s inability to conceive…So they were quite familiar with the universal human experiences of longing and waiting. Even though this couple’s story takes up only one chapter in Luke’s Gospel, it contains enough lessons about faith and life to last for weeks. In her beautifully written, imaginative meditations for each day of Advent, Okoro looks closely at the doubts and longings of Zechariah and Elizabeth…Okoro guides you to reflect on your own experiences of waiting and longing, of grief and the need for community, and of hungering for God. These poetic, poignant meditations will linger with you long after Christmas.

Book cost: $10 (from the church office or in class. RSVP appreciated.) Or see: