Ingathering 2018 News

The state wide Ingathering 2018 book is now available online. There are some BIG changes that you need to know about if you or a group you are in likes to plan and shop early.

UMCOR has changed how they are assisting countries outside of the U.S. They are no longer sending relief kits overseas. Instead, relief grants are offered to international partners to allow for local purchase and assembly of kits which are more culturally appropriate for those in need. UMCOR is only collecting cleaning kits (formerly called flood kits), school kits, and hygiene kits (formerly called health kits) for distribution in the U.S. and U.S. territories.

At this point, the Ingathering is only asking for hygiene kits and school kits. They will not be accepting cleaning kits unless the U.S. experiences more natural disasters like they did last year during the hurricane season when UMCOR couldn’t keep up with the demand for them.  Kit lists can be found on p. 5 of the Ingathering book. Note that we no longer have to be concerned about purchasing items with patriotic symbols like flags, since they will not be going through customs in unfriendly countries.

If you sew, please consider making school bags. UMCOR Depot can use as many bags as we can make! Please follow the updated sewing directions that can be found here.

Click here for a 2018 Ingathering Booklet.