Endowment Fund Excitement
Gerry Kennedy Endowment Fund Chair

We have so many blessings to celebrate as the faith family of Collegiate/Wesley! They are many and varied, but one that I’m close to is that this year, grants totaling nearly $96,000 are being distributed from our two endowments. As Chair of the CUMC/WF Endowment Board it was my pleasure during the February 16 Church Council meeting to advise the Sending to Serve Cluster that $48,536 is available for 2015 distribution from the Dennis Byrne Endowment Fund. The Dennis Byrne Endowment Fund Team set a closing date of March 1 for the first set of grant applications for the use of that money. There will be two other opportunities in 2015 to apply for grants from DBEFT, with closing dates of July 1 and November 1. The team met on April 6 to review the first set of applications to begin distributing the 2015 grants.

Also during the February 16 Church Council meeting, I advised that $47,200 was available from the Collegiate/ Wesley Endowment Fund for distribution in 2015. That money is available for use by any of the groups (Boards, Clusters, Committees etc.) that comprise CUMC/WF for:

·         Capital expenditures on behalf of, or in the name of, the Collegiate United Methodist Church and Wesley
Foundation, Ames, Iowa, for real property acquisitions, repairs or improvements; or

·         Funding or helping to fund new or existing programs to be administered or sponsored by the Collegiate United Methodist Church and Wesley Foundation, Ames, Iowa; or

·         Benevolences endorsed, supported or approved by the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church; or

·         Investing or reinvesting as a part of the principal property and assets of the Corporation so much thereof as may not, in the discretion of the Board of Directors, be used as aforesaid; or

·         Carry forward for expenditure as aforesaid, any or all of such income to a succeeding year or years.

·         If the Board hires a third party company for products and services including investing, audit and legal services, insurance products, and development services, the Endowment Fund can be used to pay for these products and services.

Applications for use of this funding will be accepted through May 1, 2015, and are to be provided to the Church office. Application forms are included and are also available from the Church office.

We welcome any and all of Collegiate’s faith community to suggest uses of this money that are within the above stated policy. If you have an idea, but are unsure which CUMC/WF group to discuss it with, please contact any of the Church staff or me. We’d be glad to help get the idea moving.

Click for an application. Annual Grant Application – Endowment Board (2)